Pigeons Roosting On My Business

One of the things that you really do not want is pigeons roosting on your business. The problem comes because pigeons are not exactly clean and they can make the outside of your business so littered with their droppings that people may not even want to come in. At that point you have two choices if you want to get the people back in: to clean the droppings constantly, sometimes even more than once a day or to get the pigeons away using different methods. Cleaning is not something that is convenient, plus sometimes the problem may be on the roof which is dangerous to get access to.

The best solution when you have pigeons roosting on a business is to keep them away. If they are roosting on your roof then you can have spikes or stick tiles installed. The spikes are generally the best answer for a business because it is not as if a scarecrow would look great on top of your business. Another solution would be to install devices that create loud noises or bright lights, but you would have to install many and change them up with the birds getting used to them. Going with something more permanent like spikes is the easiest and most effective solution to prevent pigeon roosting.

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